Saturday, 4 July 2015

I Am 100% OK,

at last,

 so with nothing better to do I had a look at the plants, that I had been neglecting for a few days, 

 the cactus pots at the side of the house had been putting on a good show,

 with a few in flower,

 quiet a few in fact,

 mostly the grafted or moon cactus,

 the pitcher plants were doing well too, this one nearly a foot tall,

 and lurking in the shade a lemon,

 another day or two and it will be picked and in the freezer, Diana grates a frozen lemon over my breakfast, 

 Diana went shopping in the afternoon, so I played with my stamps, also Alex called round for a chat and a soda, in the evening we were off,

 to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 strawberry is the new colour by the look of it,

 I am still not quite sure what these are,

 slight cloud looking inland,

 a nice range of polo shirts,

 opposite the bar this evening new shoes and second-hand clothes by the look of it,

 this weeks fresh fruits that are in season,

 not many people in the first aisle,

 this stall on the corner should do a good trade in the early evening, selling ice cold fruit slushes, it is so hot, 

 the second food aisle a little more crowded,

 the selling area has now been almost completely resurfaced,

 but many stalls have not returned,

 the concreting stopped just short of the pet section,

 the whole aisle is about 4 or 5 inches below the new surface, there is a blue run-off pipe on the left bit it still looks like the pet shops might flood in a bad rainstorm, 

 on the other side of the run-off pipe plenty of room for new stalls,

 for some reason all of the pet section at this end have not opened up this evening,

 sunset over the market,

 a new seating area has appeared since our last visit,

 no customers at the bar this evening,

 a tad cloudy looking inland,

 we were joined this evening by Sa,

 along with Brian and Nikky,

 then time to go crash hat on,


 after saying our farewells I had time to carry on playing stamps as Diana prepared our evening meal,

I thought I would post a couple here, but these are not real stamps, they can not be used for postage but were given away as advertising at shows and exhibitions, these ones above from the 1924 British Empire Exhibition, the exhibition itself was huge, covering an area of more than 216 acres and in the two years it was open attracted over twenty million visitors, the idea was to promote goods and services from around the empire and to this ends the Waterlow & Sons printing works produced these stamps to give away, but it did not stop them from being involved biggest fraud and forgery cases in British legal history, a fraud that effectively brought down a country a few years later, still some good may come of it, a couple of years ago the idea of the Waterlow's becoming the new Downton Abby was kicked around,

there were shows and festivals before the 1924 one like this, the 1911 Festival of Empire at Crystal Place, crikey all of that from a couple of stamps everyone had forgotten about!

 after our evening meal Diana decided on a bar of Ocelot chocolate,

which was delicious, the chocolate so smooth and full of flavour, and a bit strange as this morning I received an e-mail from Ocelot chocolate, here is a part of it,

International Chocolate Awards
The prestigious International Chocolate Awards 2015 were announced at York Cocoa House on the 5th June and we were delighted to find that we won the following awards in the British category:

Silver - 40% White with Salted Marcona Almonds
Bronze - 70% with Fig & Orange
Bronze - 70% with Hebridean Sea Salt

AoC Awards
The equally prestigious Academy of Chocolate Awards 2015 were held in April and we were over the moon to be given a total of 6 Awards (out of 8 entries!)
Bronze - 75% with Salted Marcona Almonds
Bronze - 70% with Hebridean Sea Salt
Bronze - Single Malt Whisky Truffles
Silver - Ocelot Truffles packaging
Bronze - 70% with Hebridean Sea Salt & 70% with Bee Pollen & Mango (packaging)


Ocelot Chocolate is now available to buy in Singapore in the Robinsons department stores, and online across South East Asia via our friends at Hello Chocolate, who stock a wonderful selection of the highest quality dark and bean-to-bar chocolate.

Ocelot went on sale in Russia at the beautiful Gembox store in Moscow. The owner Boris and his wife select the highest quality handcrafted items to sell in their unique space in the city.

Other new international stockists include the beautifully curated Anna + Nina stores, in Amsterdam, and the wonderful Csokoládé Boltchocolate emporium in Budapest, Hungary. 

fame indeed, but what was the chances of Diana choosing that one brand amongst the scores she could have chosen in the evening and me receiving a email from the brand the very same morning?

by now it was late, so just one film this evening featuring arguably the best car chases of the time and for a few years after that, Bullitt, great film, I just love car (Ford Mustang GT 350), with that we were off to bed.

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