Saturday, 11 July 2015

I Dropped Diana Off Shopping,

whilst I returned home,

 to play cactus, after planting the 'stinky cactus' yesterday I thought I would plant some of the seeds we had bought at the market as well, the problem was that the seed trays had holes in them,

 lots of holes, what I wanted to do was have a layer of sand I could keep damp and place the pots with the seeds in on top, it appears that when growing from seed the seeds should be kept with a lot more moisture than their parents,

so I placed a bin liner over the holes then covered it with a layer of sand,

 pots on top, 

 next a layer of course gravel in the bottom of each pot, then a covering of growing compost, lots of sand and a little soil,

 a call from Diana to say she was finished so off I went, I parked up and waited as she bought an ice tea and coffee,

 and watched the complimentary bus for TukCom that goes to their car park roll by,

 arriving home we noticed one of the cactus had flowered,

 just a shame the flowers normally only last for a day,

 the amaryllis looked good too, Mr. Tony called in for a soda and a chat, he had also very kindly brought over some stone chippings I use to put on top of the cactus pots, for some reason I can not buy them locally,

 after saying farewell I carried on potting the seeds, soon the tray was full, so a quick water and outside they went, will they grow? who knows but it seems worth a try,

 by now it was late afternoon, so off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 and inland, hardly a cloud in the sky,

 this seasons colour appears to be strawberry,

and now I know where to buy a rubber chicken going cheep,

 two stalls opening up opposite the bar, I am not sure what the one on the left will be selling, but the one on the right appears to be a second-hand clothes stall,

 the first couple of food aisles were quiet,

 during the week more concreting had been completed,

 next stop the pet section, but it was gone!

 all of the stalls had been dismantled,

 but one row forward new stalls were being built, I wonder what next week will bring?

 sunset over the market,

 I walked past some of the other bars till I arrived at our regular one,

 where I was joined by Jim, Cher and Lek, Brian also called in for a beer and a chat,

as we all chatted the evening just slipped away, saying our goodbyes we were then off home,

 where we were greeted with a delicious aroma, 

Diana had cooked beef stew with vegetables and best of all dumplings, the kilos will go on tonight!

 we then settled down for a couple of films, the first Cloud Atlas, which promised to be good, we gave up, after 20 minuets or so we were both so confused, we not only did not want to watch it I had almost given up the will to live, what a completely disjointed movie, but I guess it made sense to many as it had a number of good reviews, but for us too complicated by far, one for the bin,

our next movie featured an actor who we had never heard of before in the movie, The Theory Of Everything, it featured Edward John David Redmayne, who delivered a tour de force playing the part of Stephen William Hawking, in many places a sad film as an able-bodied man slips into the lack of ability to move or look after himself till eventually paralysis takes control of his body, but all of the time his mind is not affected and he knows what is happening around him, not only in his personal life but also in the world of intellectuals and thinkers, I mentioned it is sad in places, but also uplifting in his ability not to let his life threatening condition, motor neurone disease get the better of him, in 1963 he was given 2 years to live, today he is still writing at the age of 73 years old, with that we were off to bed.

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