Wednesday, 15 July 2015

For Reasons That Will Become Clear Later,

I am starting with the post,

  without looking at other bits and pieces we would normally post, first thing and the water company that services our water purify called round, a new membrane and three new cartridges, 3,680 baht, a few hundred up from last year, but then nothing stays the same for ever, I played with the last few cactus to be potted then all to soon we were out,

 to the Colosseum for the 6.00 cabaret show,

 we meet up with Cher, Jim and Lek, who all very kindly treated us,

 we went upstairs to the VIP section,

 then the show began,

 and what a show,

 the dresses, costumes and sets,

 were spectacular,

 I have been to a few of these cabaret shows before,

 but this one,

 was by far and away,

 the best of the best,

 there were about 10 or so sets,

 with a couple of comedy acts thrown in,

 with some of the actors,

 going into the audience to share the fun,

 and when I say audience,

 the whole place was packed, 

 not a spare seat anywhere,

 by now we were about 45 minutes into the show,

 when we watched one of the big set pieces,

 an Indian wedding,

 next a number of ladies dressed up as Marilyn Monroe look alike's took to the stage,

 complete with a fan to parody the scene from The Seven Year Itch, where she stands over a subway grate, and her skirt lifts up, of course this was one of the comedy sets where one of the ladies, much to the amusement of the audience loses her wig,

 another set piece followed,

 with fantastical costumes,

 and head gear,

 all to soon it was time to say goodbye,

 as the last of the ladies bid us farewell, I have to admit I was a little bit apprehensive about going, but we were both so glad that we did, 

it was all thoroughly enjoyable, the show lasted 1 hour, but looking at the crowds it might be an idea to book a ticket a day or two in advance, we had a table booked at Maggs, so on to the bike we went, then it happened, unseen by me one of the pieces of road way by the side of the building had moved downwards by a few inches, we hit it and over we went, it was as if an occult hand had reached down and thrown us to the ground,

 which gave the hundreds of people waiting for their coaches a good photo opportunity, luckily Diana had just a scrapped knee, unfortunately I did not fair so well as I managed to throw myself under the bike and Diana to protect them both, so we asked Jim, Cher and Lek to start without us as we needed to have our wounds cleaned and dressed,

 so into a local clinic we went,

 that is going to smart in the morning!

 I went in first, shirt written off as I had taken most of the impact on my left shoulder,

 all bandaged and ready to go, so I popped home to change clothes, then back for Diana, 890 baht later, antibiotics in hand,

 and back to the restaurant we went,

 the walking or in my case hobbling wounded, 

 everyone had kindly waited for us, Jim ordered the scallops with cheese,

 spring rolls for Diana,

 soup for Lek,

 and a salad for Cher,

crispy duck with orange for myself,

 then all ready to start,

 eyes down,

 and Cheers!,

 after a suitable break Jim ordered a beef Wellington,

 which looked and was delicious, 

 a chicken dish for Cher,

 steak for Lek,

 and a lasagna for Diana,

 actually Diana did have one other slight injury, the face shield on her crash helmet gave her a little abrasion on her chin,

 Diana's lasagna,


 and Cher's meal,

 for myself I chose the lamb,

 which was delicious, in fact we all commented on how good the food was,

 the restaurant has a classical look and feel to it,

with Atlas or Colossus, (OK I know it is really Helios) looking down on us,

 then the desserts arrived,

 and what desserts they were,

 Diana and myself shared ours,

 as did the girls,

 Lek very kindly dropped us off home, so a medicinal red wine before bed,

on to this morning, I awoke feeling sore and battered as was my crash helmet, I hate to think what we would have been like if we were not wearing them, last night I mentioned to Diana that years ago I was always falling off of motorbikes, but as she wisely pointed out years ago I was not 65 years old, waking up this morning and moving around I now know she was right, everything is such an effort and painful, still it could have been so much worse, so now you know why I started straight away with this post and not posted anything else today, all I want to do is take a rest and let the soreness go away, but hopefully in the next few days all will be back to normal.

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