Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Having Seen Some Bat Flower Plants,

the last time we went to the weekend plant market,

 I thought I might try to grow some, so having found a supplier I went to the bank last week and sent a money transfer to the grower,

 and first thing Monday,

 here they were, three green and three black flowers, if and when they flower that is, in case you want to know their proper name is Tacca chantieri,

 so bottom of a pot layered with coconut chippings,

 a mixture of soil, sand and small pieces of gravel,

a topping of stone chippings and now a game of wait and see,

 Alex called round for a soda and a chat in the afternoon, after saying our goodbyes and our evening meal a trip into fantasy land as we joined Jack the Giant Slayer, in his quest to rid the land of giants, the special effects were as you might expect first class, an enjoyable romp through the ancient kingdom of men and giants,

to round the evening off we watched two episodes of Downton Abbey series 4, it was if we had never left, everything was so familiar, we are both looking forward to the rest of the series and what surprises it may bring, with that we were of to bed.

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