Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Diana And Riza,

went out during the day,

 for lunch, window shopping and to take in a movie all at the Central Festival, so I carried on playing cactus, I had run out of sand which I mix with soil in the hope it makes a draining mix that the cactus will like, so off to a builders merchant on the Sukhumvit Road,

and there it was already bagged up, sand, 40 baht later and I was on my way home,

 after our evening meal we watched another epic, Gods and Generals, an all star cast with huge battle scenes coupled with an insight into individual trials and demons makes this a film to remember, the first of a trilogy of books this one made into a film,

the the final episode of Ripper Street, all of the lose ends being tied up, what a terrific series, a big 'well done' to all concerned, I can not say more as it would spoil the ending if you plan to watch it in the future, for both of us highly recommended,

and what better way to round off the evening than with a Ocelot truffle or two? so after enjoying a few of those we were off to bed.

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