Wednesday, 8 July 2015

This Is A Type Of Wasp,

and it is big!

not your normal run of the mill garden variety, this is the Tarantula Hawk wasp with an excruciatingly painful sting that lasts only three minutes, but feels like a lifetime, the pain, rated four (highest) on the Schmidt sting pain index, is best described as 'fiercely electric', bug experts and people who have been stung claim the pain is a lot like getting electrocuted, and the best strategy to deal with it is? to lie down and start screaming! according to a report in the Journal of the Kansas Entomology Society, 'Tarantula hawks produce large quantities of venom and their stings produce immediate, intense, excruciating short term pain in envenomed humans', the report adds that 'the instantaneous pain of a tarantula hawk sting is the greatest recorded for any stinging insect,' but 'the venom itself lacks meaningful vertebrate toxicity', in other words, the wasp’s sting isn’t deadly, but it’s so painful that it’ll make you want to die, as if there are not enough creepy crawlies out there now this one!

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