Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Trip To The Weekend Plant Market Today,

it is just out of town,

 if you take the Sukhumvit Road going towards Bangkok as you pass the Bangkok/Pattaya hospital on your left take the the next 'U' turn going back to Pattaya and it will be on your left,

 there is plenty of parking behind the market, I zoomed in to take a closer look at the hospital,

 some of the many plants for sale, these cycads,

 one of the three aquatic stalls,

 as you might expect lots of orchids,

 these flowers looked so bright they were almost to good to be true,

 and they were!

 a quick look at the insectivorous plants,

 and I know I always say it, 'if only I had a bigger garden I would have a fish pond',

 one of the cactus stalls,

 we actually bought a couple at 40 baht each, bargain!

 next door there was a handicrafts stall,

 where the stall owner was increasing her stock,

 we made it to the end of the market where the bigger items are for sale,

 then turned to make our down another aisle,

 it might be me, but these two birds look faintly sad,

 the same stall selling water features,

 with two drinking parrots,

 the stall next door going au natural,

 not to my taste, but certainly different,

 another cactus stall,

 and some of the beautiful red waterlilies,

 past another aquatic outlet,

 and on to the air-plants,

 and you guessed it, more cactus,

 they even have silicon fridge magnets,

 and garden whirligigs

 this one featuring a horse and trainer,

 amaryllis in flower, as it happens one of ours has a couple of buds appearing,

 orchids, 3 for 100 baht,

 then time for a break,

 a pink milk for Diana and a ice coffee for myself,

 next stop Makro, our wine stocks were getting low,

 then home where I played stamps for the rest of the afternoon, this one number sg 416 is a 5/- Bradbury seahorse printed in 1918, the shade red-rose,

and moving to an earlier time sg 210 a 1890 jubilee issue 10d stamp, described as dull purple & carmine, both stamps have never been use and are unmounted mint with their original gum, it appears this can increase the value of some stamps,

 I was then called in from play as it was time for our Saturday evening bar-b-q, mussels for starters,

 followed by garlic bread,

 I then performed the local equivalent of the fire dance trying to get the bar-b-q alight,

 today we decided on some Makro burgers,

 with plenty of onions, as well as a KPK sausage or two,

and to round the meal off? a magnum of course, we spent the evening as usual listening to music, then for us we were off to bed.

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