Thursday, 16 July 2015

During The Colosseum Show,

Diana's camera stopped working for some reason,

 we had it repaired yesterday,

 and these are the pictures she took with it,

 I have to say the camera on her telephone,

 seemed able to cope with the lighting conditions,

 much better than mine, 

 this was one of the comedy acts,

 this one a tad more raunchy,

 the next set featured national costumes from the Asian nations,

 this one from the Philippines,


Japan and many more,

 next another of the big set stages,

featuring fantastical costumes,

and just before Diana's telephone gave out another comedy act,

 who came down into the audience to say hello,

 and yes you guessed it, she walked straight past me to say hello to Jim, once again I have to say it a great show, even if you are not new to Pattaya it is worth a visit and then grab a meal afterwards, a splendid night out, 

 so on to yesterday, still a bit sore in my left side ankle, knee, hip, elbow and shoulder, hopefully in the next few days I can start exercising in the mornings again, but first stop today to the bike shop, slight damage to the left side of the bike, soon rectified with two hammers, a screwdriver and a spanner, 20 later baht and we were on our way to TukCom, 

 to have Diana's telephone repaired, despite recharging it and repeatedly switching it on it would just switch itself straight off again, 

 we parked away from the store next to some of the mobile food stalls,

 as another one walked past,

 then into the store, we were told it would be 900 baht to repair the telephone and would take 1 hour,

 so we walked to Pattaya Tai and had a couple of ice coffees at one of the roadside cafes,

 we took a few pictures of more mobile food stalls as they came past,

 there were so many of them,

 these are just a few on our side of the road, a similar number were going the other way,

ice coffees nearly finished so back we went,

 telephone repaired and working fine, Diana decided on some spring rolls as a snack,

 so I dropped Diana off home then made my way to the tackle shop as we are going fishing tomorrow,

 then to the clinic to have my dressings changed, it opens at 5.00 in the afternoon till late in the evening and is about 50 yards away from Maggs on the same side of the road,


 in the evening we decided to treat ourselves to a Indian meal,

 after some massala pompoms,

 we had onion bhajis and chicken samosa as a second starter,

 then on to our main course,

 we had not ordered this one before chicken kebab, which was nice,

 as was the chicken tikka masala, vindaloo, doprazi and Madras, plus peas pilau rice, a feast indeed,

 then time for desserts, 

 'I'll have that one!'

brandy based liquors, what could be a better way to round off a meal?

we listened to music for most of the rest of the evening then went inside to watch a DVD or two, I took a chance and had bought a box set of Red Dwarf which I must admit I really like, but I was not sure how Diana would take to it, well she thought it so funny we watched 4 episodes back to back, so that was a relief as it would have been a shame to have bought the set had Diana not liked them, so with that we were off to bed.

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