Thursday, 16 July 2015

What You Are looking At,

has got most archaeologists stumped,

archaeologists working in Boeslunde, Denmark recently stumbled onto an intriguing mystery: nearly 2,000 tightly-wound golden spirals dating back to the Bronze Age,

 which locally is not it appears that unusual as many gold artifacts have been found in the area, 

but what has got people guessing is what were the nearly 2,000 gold spirals used for? the spirals are made from extremely pure gold that was hammered flat to just 0.1 millimetre thick, some pieces measure up to 1.18 inches long and all together weigh between 200 to 300 grams (7-10 ounces), their exact purpose is anyone’s guess, but Flemming Kaul, a curator with the National Museum of Denmark, believes the coils are most likely related to prehistoric Bronze Age people who were known to offer gold to higher powers as part of sun rituals, 'the sun was one of the most sacred symbols in the Bronze Age and gold had a special magic,' Kaul writes, 'maybe the priest-king wore a gold ring on his wrist, and gold spirals on his cloak and his hat, where they during ritual sun ceremonies shone like the sun,' it is also suggested the gold was simply buried as part of an elaborate sacrifice, for more information have a look here, so any guesses get in touch with Flemming Kaul.

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