Monday, 20 July 2015

Keeping To A Bicycle Theme,

it appears the world is holding it's breath,

 to see if Boris Johnson, the city’s mayor who, announced that two ambitious planned cycle routes would be built much as planned, as the centrepiece of a wider £900m project to boost cycling in the capital, one will go north to south, while the longer and far more contentious one snakes east to west, extensive consultation found a big majority of respondents were in favour of the scheme,

other cities will be looking to the results of this radical change, which could have significant global influence on urban design strategies around city cycling for years and decades to come, but lofty visions like the London SkyCycle also remain ideas worth striving toward with regards to the future of bike transit, both within and beyond England’s capital, so get out of your nice warm, safe cars, sell them and get a bike for you and one each for all of the family, you know it makes sense!

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