Thursday, 2 July 2015

An Early Start,

I am off to Hospital for my bi-monthly check up,

and to get the bladder infection I have checked out, so blood pressure measured and it looked good, 113 over 63 with a rate of 85 which looked a tad high, one of the symptoms of the infection the doctor told me was diarrhoea, strangely enough I already knew that, much to my discomfort, my weight that had constantly been 77-78 kilos for the past 3 or 4 years but had now dropped down to 73.6 kilos, in actual fact the official hospital scale had confirmed some thing I already knew, I weigh myself at the same time everyday wearing a pair of underpants, shorts and a belt, it was just nice to know that the scales at home are pretty accurate, next a blood sample taken and off to Soi LK Metro for breakfast, the building just past the end of the street nearing completion,

 in the soi itself,

 on both sides of the street nothing much seems to have changed,

 I made my way to Kilkenny's, the view looking inside,

 I sat at the front, looking towards the street,

 opposite the Bilabong,

 a mobile brush stall drives past,

breakfast arrives, 2 of eggs, sausages, bacon and toast, plus baked beans, mushrooms, hash brown, served with an orange juice, plus a tea or coffee, all for 139 baht, next back to the hospital, the results of the blood work were in after an hour or so, the results were blood sugar 114 which was a tad high, but my result for Hb A1c was 5.4, spot on! in case you are wondering in general terms Hb A1c is a long term measurement which tells doctors how your blood sugar levels have been over the past 2 to 3 months, people without diabetes are normally in the 4.0 to 5.9 range so for me to be at 5.4 was great news, all I have to do now is gain back the 3 or 4 kilos I have lost, I wonder where Diana keeps the chocolate?

as we are going fishing tomorrow I called in at the tackle shop for some bait then home,

to pick up Diana as we needed a few more cases for some DVDs, also Diana wanted to go shopping, so I popped home,

 when she had finished she called, I waited for her where we normally park the motorbike, so armed with DVD cases, shopping and a ice coffee and a ice tea home we went,

in the evening it was glad rags on,

as I am now almost fully recovered we decided on a meal at Cherry's, it is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, Mr. Tony very kindly picked us up and gave us a lift there,

a look at the salad bar,

then time to eat,

after passing the salad bar there is a good selection of starters to chose from, 

as well as some sushi,

plus a soup if you like the soup of the day, which today was mushroom,

after a break, a choice of 18 or so items from the heated dishes, new for this evening chicken korma,

at the end of the heated dishes there is a carvery, bar-b-q and the pizza counter,


after a suitable break on with the desserts and what a selection,

these looking especially tempting,

and in case you can  not make up your mind there are 7 flavours of ice cream to chose from! 

and a coffee each to round off the meal, the International buffet is held at Cherry's every Saturday and Wednesday evening, all you can eat for 399 baht per person, great food at a reasonable price, Mr. Tony very kindly dropped us home and called in for a chat, after saying our farewells it was feet up and time to see the next episode of 

Ripper Street season three, and exciting it was too, well after the midnight hour we decided to call it a night, tomorrow we are up early to go fishing, so with that we were off to bed.

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