Sunday, 19 July 2015

Today We Are Going Over To Mr. Tony's,

along with Jim, Cher and Lek,

 so first stop Tesco Lotus to call into Swensens for some ice cream,

 we then called over to Jim and Cher's hotel where we transferred into Lek's car, when we arrived at Mr, Tony's after saying hello to him and Booie, one of the cats came over to say hello,

 the pool looking as nice,

 and inviting as ever,

 Lek, Cher and Jim strike the pose,

 then my turn,

 we moved to the far end of the pool,

 and settled in the gazebo,

 where we all had a drink or two,

 the view from the gazebo, looking towards the front of the house,

 Mr. Tony and Booie had prepared mountains of food,

 and Becka who was also here had brought along one of the home made pizzas his wife makes in her restaurant,

 eyes down and tuck in,

chicken legs, delicious!

 so we all settled down to enjoy the meal,


 Lek, Cher and Diana then decided to make a move to the gazebo along with Booie so they could all sit together, we all chatted the afternoon away, then after saying our goodbyes to Mr, Tony and Booie and thanking them for the meal we went back to Jim and Cher's hotel, then on to our bike and home we went,

 after a freshen up it was bar-b-q time, well it was Saturday night, by now it was dark so a candle lit meal, for starters garlic bread,

 followed by Chilean mussels, 

 barby lit, lots of smoke, so no change there then,

 and on with a Tesco burger and a KPK sausage,

 bread rolls and fried onions completed the meal, the spaghetti bolognese was so nice at Mr. Tony's that Diana brought some back home and that was her feast,

 then on to our dessert, 

another bar of chocolate from Edinburgh based Ocelot Chocolate,

 for this evening a Bee Pollen & Mango Bar,

 which was just sooooo nice!

after listening to music till 11,00 or so we went inside for a few more episodes of Red Dwarf, happily Diana is still enjoying the series, which is nice as I had thought she might not have taken to it, after a few of those we were off to bed.

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