Thursday, 9 July 2015

First Stop,

to the vehicle test centre,

 to pick up the tax certificate,

 and government insurance certificate,

 just over 500 baht for both of them including the vehicle test, looking towards Pattaya and the footbridge,

 and towards Bangkok,

next stop the post office in Naklua, we had a note left to say a letter could not be signed for as we were out, but it was not to be, it was the wrong post office, for the first time in 17 years of picking up registered letters and parcels this was the first time the letter had not come from the Naklua office,
we had to drive to the Floating Market, make a 'U' turn and go to the post office on the Sukhumvit Road, known as the Chaiyapruek post office, still it was worth it, yesterday we had paid 7,800 to have the cameras and stereo system installed, today we received a loyalty cheque from BUPA for over that amount, I had completely forgotten about the cheque, so that came as a nice surprise,

 last stop, the 3BB office,

 to pay our Internet bill,

 then home, we had bought some coconut chips, Diana spread them over the garden which freshen it up,

 and it was time to pick our second home grown lemon,

 then it was glad rags on,

 Mr. Tony called by and very kindly gave us a lift to Steak & Co in Soi Lengkee,

 we were joined by Lek, Cher and Jim,

who very kindly bought me this tea towel,

my sentiments exactly!

 'Cheers!', from all of us,

 on to the starters, prawn popcorn for Diana,

 a selection of salmon for Cher,

 the rest of us went with the lobster bisque soup,

 which we all found delicious,

 next a complimentary lemon sorbet,

 then on to the main courses,

 baked salmon for Lek,

 a rib eye for both Diana,

 and Cher,

which looked and was delicious,

 Mr. Tony went with the lamb chops,

 two double chops,

 Jim decided on the 400g Rib-Eye Wagyu Steak, with a marbling score of 5,

 I chose the same but the 250 gram size,


 from all of us,

Mr. Tony and Diana chose the Lemoncello Tartufo,

 which was a traditional Italian ice cream dessert with a lemon centre served with a mixed berry compote,

 whilst the rest of us decided on a creme brulee,

 which was as you might expect delicious,

 on to coffees,  

 all round,

 I never really know the names of the different types of coffee,

 I am guessing this is a cappuccino,

 but there is one I do know, this one, a latte,

 then back home for a chocolate feast,

 chocolate liqueurs and truffles,

 the truffles from Ocelot chocolates, so absolutely delicious,

then a surprise for Diana, 

 a bar of Theo Big Daddy marshmallows, that Jim and Cher had brought from the USA, we chatted the rest of the night away, after saying our farewells we were then off to bed.

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