Monday, 20 July 2015


so we were out for lunch,

 and it was glad rags on,

 Mr. Tony very kindly picked us up,

 we parked in Soi Lengkee,

 we made our way to Soi Bukaow,

 and into Soi Diana,

 to the Robin's Nest,

 where we meet up with Lek, Cher and Jim,

 we had to wait for a table,

  but eventually it was time for the 249 baht carvery,

 speaking of time I wore one of the watches I had bought recently on Ebay, I quite liked it but Diana was not so keen on it's design,

 soup, which today was minestrone and the main course completed,

 it was time for ice cream,

 which was a nice way to finish the meal as for some reason we all had double scoops,

 it was almost too much,

 lastly coffees all round, a latte for myself as usual,

 we said our farewells to Lek, Cher and Jim,

 and made our way back to Soi Lengkee,

 past some of the stalls,

 and the watch repair and key cutting stall that we both use,

 next the tricky bit, crossing Soi Bukaow,

 one of the many mobile food stalls stopped for a break,

 at the far end of Soi Lengkee the building on Third Road is coming on a pace,

one of many in the area,

 we made our way back home and watched some television with Mr. Tony, then after saying goodbye and thanking him for picking us up and dropping us back home it was feet up for MIB 3, which we thoroughly enjoyed, the three films in the series are of course ones you love or hate we thought they were all great,

we rounded off the evening with another few from Red Dwarf, great fun, especially Cat, then for us we were off to bed.

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