Tuesday, 21 July 2015

We Do Not Get Involved In World Affairs On Our Blog,

we leave that to other more well informed bloggers,

but one thing we do keep noticing is how many billions of dollars are sloshing around (or not) in different economies or in foreign aid, so how big exactly would a pile of one billion dollar bills be if all were printed as a $1 bill? well there is I suppose the risk of mathematical mistakes, but looking on the Internet here are three answers, above the stack would be 68 miles high! I thought that could not be correct, so I looked at another site,

and found this handy chart which gave the answer that was even taller, 78 miles high! so I went to a third source, wbilljohnson, on his site the answer is a seemingly more reasonable 63 miles high, but in any event even at the minimum height of 63 miles for just 1 billion, just think if you had $100 billion in one dollar bills in the bank, how big the bank would have to be to keep it in!

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