Monday, 20 July 2015

Pennies From Heaven,

propellers from the sky,

 residents in Hagaman, New York, noticed a plane flying over homes, but they never expected a piece of it would come falling down, Grace Montenaro was eating lunch outside when saw the propeller come tumbling out of the sky, it pierced through Maria Cebula’s attic and bedroom ceiling, 'came back home and big hole in my room,' she said,

evidently the homebuilt Meyers OTW lost its propeller at around 2pm, police said the small, single engine plane developed mechanical problems and the propeller fell off as a result, according to police, the pilot took off from a private air strip in Fulton County, after the propeller fell off, the pilot was able to glide the plane back to the air strip because he still had proper altitude and distance from the air strip to make it back safely, the NYSP and FAA are investigating, now here is a thought, I wonder who now owns the propeller, is there a reward for it? 

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