Sunday, 19 July 2015

Yesterday We Featured Some Sand Art,

so for today a follow up,

how to build a sand castle, advice is the best way to start so pick a well known architect who has actually built something and ask him,

say Renzo Piano who is the architect who designed London's famous Shard, His children range in age from 16 to 50, so he's been building sandcastles for a long, long time, He has put his skills to work to build sandcastles that are simple in outer form, but structurally ideal, so here are his tips,

1 Be clear about the fact that building a sandcastle is a totally useless operation. Don’t expect too much; it’s going to disappear, mainly because there’s no point making the castle too far away from the sea. A sandcastle’s relationship to water is more important than its appearance. Study the waves, then decide where to position your castle – too low on the shoreline and the sea will immediately destroy it, too high and you have no waves to flirt with. It sounds complicated but it’s simple and instinctive.

Start to dig a ditch where the waves have made the sand wet. Use your hands. Build the sand up to create the mass of the castle, which is really a little mountain with an incline of, ideally, 45°. You don’t need the ditch to be more than 30cm deep and 45cm wide, and the castle should be about 60cm tall.

Make an entrance in the ditch for the sea to enter. The magic moment is when the waves come and the ditch becomes a moat. If the castle is in a good position, you can watch the water ebbing and flowing for 10 or 15 minutes. To capture the image in your memory quickly, close your eyes when the water comes in.

Then put a little flag or anything else you can find on the sandcastle, just to make it visible to people running on the beach. Go home and don’t look back.

and there was me thinking that making a sand castle was so simple.

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