Friday, 7 September 2018

It Was Going To Be A Glorious Day,

the birds were singing,

 blue skies and hardly a breeze, 

 so we were off to Dongtan beach,

 we started walking to the usual place we sit at,

 but it was not to be, a truck and a couple of earth moving machines were hard at work, this was not going to b a quiet day if we sat nearby,

 so we back tracked to here,

 as it happens a little bit closer to the gate from our condominium,

 and hardly a soul on the beach,

 and where we sat, just us and the renters of this bit of the beach,

 there was a torrential rainstorm last night, so today the last of the flying termites were still looking for a place to nest after shedding their wings, 

 breakfast is served,

 cooked at a nearby restaurant and brought across the road,

 and nice it looked too,

 some Thai food for Diana with an egg on top,

 sen lek gai, fine noodle with chicken soup for myself,

 the view from where we sat, we do not sit in the front row as in the late afternoon it means that we would be in full sun,

 another flying termite,

 sans one wing called by,

 Diana noticed something in one of the trees, 

 and here he was, a squirrel,

 who jumped and with a fluff of his tail, disappeared over the umbrellas,

 looking to our left here was another one,

 on one of the large trees,

 I am not sure if it was eating or taking a drink from a coconut,

 but he was a handsome chap,

 with his reddish brown coat,

 a little later the fawn colored one was back,

 on an abandoned shelf, 

 on the look out for food, 

and found some,

 and then he found some more, 

 evidently this tree is in seed or fruit,

 and he knows it! 

 then time to explore, 

 so down onto the sand,

 for some fallen goods,

 and a walk around,

 using the loungers as a pathway,

 at one stage he look like he was going to jump on one of us, imagine being mugged by a squirrel!

 but he changed his mind,

 walked along the base of the lounger in front of us,

 to see what was happening there,

 I was just waiting for the squirrel to make contact with the gentleman sitting there,

 any moment now, but the squirrel then returned to the treetops, 

 one of the ferries chugged along the coast pulling speedboats behind it,

 and then an afternoon treat, the doughnut man called by,

 only two today,

 one jam filled now, and one normal one to snack on when we watch tonight's film, 

 another squirrel called at the coconut, 

 but this one was black and white, 

 and was enjoying eating the coconut, 

 no sooner than he finished,

than the reddish one reappeared, I am now thinking that the renters of the beach areas put fresh coconuts that are only part eaten by tourists on the trees, or at least put water in them to attract the squirrels on this part of the beach, to fast for me to photograph, a number of times two or three of them raced across the tops of the umbrellas, great fun to watch, and then for us back for our evening meal,

 after which we watched a few Bargain Huts and then a couple of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, great fun as this time professional auctioneers use their own money to purchase antiques at shops and then sell the at auction, profits go to charity, losses out of their own pockets! 

then feet up for our film of the evening 2036 Origin Unknown, shades of 2001 as a monolith is found on Mars, found with the help of A.I. just what is the connection? how did the A.I. find it? any more would give the plot away, an interesting film, but not if you like all action sci-fi, and with that we were off to bed.

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