Friday, 7 September 2018

Whilst Sitting On The Beach Yesterday,

I listen to music and let my mind wander,

yesterday to 1957, and some of the films released in that year, I remember The Bridge on the River Kwai, but it was one of the songs of a lesser known film that I was humming away to, who could possibly forget Eena Meena Deeka from the film Aasha? also released in 1957, starring Kishore KumarVyjayanthimala and Asha Parekh, the song was based on a kids nursery rhyme, 

eeny, meeny, miny, moe, 
catch a N-word by his toe, 

you may have heard the Eena Meena Deeka song back in October 2008 when the UK bank HSBC used the song from the film as background music for a advertising campaign, there are two versions of the song,

female, the one that I remember most, and just to help you join in, at great expenses here is the chorus, 

Eena Meena Deeka
Daai Daamonika
Maaka Naaka Naaka
Cheeka Peeka Reeka
Eena Meena Deeka Deeka
De Daai Daamonika
Maakaanaaka Maakaanaaka
Cheeka Peeka Rola Reeka
Ram Pam Posh, Ram Pam Posh

go on give it a try!

and here is the male version, both catchy and if you watch in full the clips above, next time you are a bit down sing Eena Meena Deeka, and if you are like me you can not help but smile! and there is even a dance version to Eena Meena Deeka,

strange things I think about on the beach.

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