Wednesday, 5 September 2018

This Restaurant Owner,

has got my vote 100%!

 please, please make this universal, or better still law! Rudolf Markl, the owner of “Oma’s Küche” (Grandma’s Kitchen), a traditional restaurant in Binz, on the German island of  Rügen got so fed up with children’s tantrums and unruly behavior that he recently made the extreme decision to ban them from his restaurant after 5 pm. 

He even put up a sign near the entrance letting patrons know that in the evening, Oma’s Küche is an adult-only restaurant, “We have somehow reached that point where you say: ‘This just can’t go on like this’,” Rudolph Markl recently told German news agency DPA. “We are not here to raise children, but to spoil our guests.” Markl told reporters that the behavior of children and their parents has gradually gotten worse in the last few years, children would pull on tablecloths, knock down wine glasses or run into waiters as they carried several plates or trays, while their parents simply ignored them, or even smiled at their behavior! 

is it legal to ban children in restaurants? I do not know and I do not care, if I ever see a restaurant with a sign saying no kids in the evenings it would have my custom forever! interestingly, this isn’t the first time that a restaurant makes headlines from denying entry to children, last year, the owner of an upscale Italian restaurant in Mooresville, North Carolina, also got a lot media attention for banning children under five and claiming that business was booming, and I am sure if other restaurant owners who value their evening trade took the same attitude, their sales would boom as well!

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