Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Diana Left For Work In The Late Morning,

I had a quiet day at home,

taking down the Christmas decorations and lights that were around our front door, also in the morning I had some really good news, a call by my doctor from the surgery, all was well with my blood and urine test, evidently my liver and kidneys all checked out well, as did my sugar, cholesterol and all of the other test that I cannot remember so that was a good bit of news in these rather depressing times, in the afternoon I just watched television, a few reality shows like Outback Opal Hunters Police, Stop, Chase etc, 

after my evening meal it was feet up for Project Almanac, a teenage time travel film, which was quite good as it happens, although I lost the plot a few times, in the end it all sort of made sense,

 I followed that with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, hugely enjoyable, 

just before10.00 in the evening Diana called, so off to the bus stop and then home, where it was feet up for one from New Tricks, then we were off to bed.

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