Friday, 1 January 2021


todays post is late, and I am only making one post today,

for two reasons, firstly I decided not to set the alarm and secondly we saw the new year in with Jools Holland and bottle of bubbly, back to New Years eve, we meet up wit Stave and Kai in the park,

for a walk past the mansion house,

then towards Downham,

but first,

on this cold day with frost still on the ground, 

an ice cream each, for Kai,

and Diana,

who made this short video, as Diana was recording a passer by commented 'isn't it cold enough!'

we made our way past the nature/wildlife pond,

and rockery,

going towards the lake,

with the sand pit on the left,

it was time to feed the ducks, we had brought some peanuts with us,

we were in the wet woodland,

a quick photograph,

these fungi looked like steps going up the tree trunk,

one of the rare times there was not any one else about,

a few years ago this tree toppled, but instead of giving up, new growth was growing from the fallen trunk,

which way to go?

a bit difficult to see, in the centre of the photograph one of the many ring necked parakeets that live here,

out of the park and on our way home, I said farewell to Steve and Kai and also Diana as she was going to pop into M & S for some milk and a few other bits and pieces,

in the evening our meal, but before that we had watched Diana's family in the Philippines seeing the New Year in,

a selection of starters,

on to our main courses, Diana had made herself a Filipino dish,

for myself baby ribs of lamb,

which we followed with a left over Christmas pudding,

with plenty of brandy,

and cream,

we next set up the new Monopoly board, Diana was feeling confident,

and rightly so as it happened, Diana won again! three defeats in a row! this new board did not like me at all,

nearly midnight,

so time for the bubbly,

nearly there,

just in time for Jools,

and his hootenanny, which you can watch here, great fun indeed,

a bottle of bubbly that is the way to start the New Year! I just hope we will soon be able to put the nightmare of 2020 behind us, from Diana and myself a Happy New Year to everyone, 'Cheers!'.

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