Wednesday, 6 January 2021

I Cannot Believe It!

only two days ago I mentioned censorship, 

specifically using the plays of Shakespeare as an example, then yesterday I read this article about the banning of one of Shakespeare's plays by War Horse author Sir Michael Morpurgo, who is refusing to include The Merchant Of Venice in a new book adapting Shakespeare's plays for children under 16! oh dear, pity the poor future snowflakes that we are now rearing, the author of the piece goes on to describe other works by the great bard that will fall foul of the snowflakes and have them rushing for their smelling salts, 

Romeo And Juliet, a play that celebrates paedophilia, in case you had forgotten Juliet is only 13,

Hamlet, wasn’t he bipolar? Mental health issues are always a bit of a minefield,

As You Like It? that's the one where Rosalind dresses up as a Greek shepherd boy and tries to seduce Orlando before revealing she's actually a girl. How do you think that will go down with the trans brigade?

Twelfth Night, if you remember, Viola disguises herself as a young man. But in Shakespeare's day, female parts were always played by men. So Viola would have been played by a male actor, dressing as a woman dressing as a man,

Taming Of The Shrew, glorifies misogyny, the feminists will throw a right wobbly,

Titus Andronicus, where do you want to start? With the rape and murder of the daughter or the two brothers Titus kills and bakes in a pie he serves to their mother before killing her, too?

Henry V, anti-EU. Borderline racist. All that 'God for Harry, England and St George' stuff,

Othello, You must be joking. Not unless you want Black Lives Matter running riot. It was bad enough when Extinction Rebellion glued themselves to the stage blaming The Tempest on climate change,

as I mentioned all of the above are from the article, but here is the one that stuck in my mind that he may well have not known about, 

Much Ado About Nothing, the title was originally Much Ado About Noting, it should be noted in in Elizabethan times, noting was referring to female genitalia, draw your own conclusions about what was on the bards mind when he wrote it!

so that is that, nearly all of Shakespeare's works thrown on the ever increasing pile of burning books, now where have I have I heard that before? the worry is the snowflakes are winning.

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