Sunday, 3 January 2021

We Had A Quiet Saturday,

in the afternoon it was feet up for a film,

  They Came From Beyond Space,  a 1967 sci-fi, which was sort of quite good, except,

in the special effects department, using a upturned vegetable sieve to stop the aliens reading you brain waves was a bit lame,

as was later in the film, using motorcycle crash helmets to achieve the same effect, but still a good effort, as it happens as the film was set in what appeared to be 1967, it was nice seeing all of the cars of that era I and many others are so familiar with,

on to the evening, a pre-meal sherry,

for our starter, chicken liver pate,

for our main courses, Diana made a Filipino dish for herself,

for myself,

a huge bowl of chilli con carne,

we decided to finish off the Christmas pudding,

with lashings of brady,

and cream, lots of cream!

after our meal we had a game of Monopoly, using the old small or I should say normal sized board,

which changed my luck, 3 losses in a row, and now victory!

next a couple of films, well one film and a TV series, first the film, Mortdecai, we had watched the film before in 2016,this is what I wrote then, 'great fun as an upper class art dealer deals himself into a high stakes art fraud, the main character Lord Charlie Mortdecai is an absolute double of that well like British actor Terry Thomas, both playing identical roles, both supporting a moustache, (neither would be seen dead without it), both having a gap between their front teeth, both cads of the first degree and both like the film thoroughly likeable', we both enjoyed watching it again,

we rounded the evening off with an old favourite of mine, we had watched Patrick McGoohan in Ice Station Zebra, Diana mentioned that she would like too see him again in The Prisoner, we had watched it before in 2010, at that time Diana was not too impressed, but this time around Diana quite enjoyed it and mention that when the night mare of Corvid has finished we might visit Portmeirion Village where the TV series was filmed, the series is from 1967, I loved it at the time and jumped at the opportunity to buy all 17 episodes on DVD, the story is that after resigning, a secret agent is abducted and taken to what looks like an idyllic village, but is really a bizarre prison, his warders demand information, he gives them nothing, but only tries to escape, it developed into having almost a cult following in the UK, I am not sure about elsewhere, the first episode Arrival, sets the scene for the series, we watched a few more episodes and next for us we were off to bed.

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