Monday, 5 November 2018

Diana Arrived Safe And Sound In The Philippines,

to spend time with her family,

 for myself a walk to Thappraya Road,

 and then the short walk to Thepprasit Road,

 and along to Maggs, to meet Mr.Tony for our Sunday lunch,

 walking in the first thing you see is the selection of home made cakes,

 the owners at the bar, 

we sat in the right hand side of the restaurant, looking towards the back,

 and across to the entrance,

 for starters,

 we both chose the duck and orange salad,

 on to our main courses, lamb for Mr. Tony, and roast pork for myself, we were so full we both declined the desserts, after chatting the afternoon away, I said goodbye to Mr Tony and made a move for home, 

 on the way I stopped by the shop selling items for Buddhist temples, and gifts for the monks,

 there were many statues for sale,

 and the shop was huge, 

I turned left into Thepprasit Road and then across into the condominium, 

in the evening it was feet up for a few British classics, the best of which was Goodbye Mr.Chips, the 1939 version not one of the remakes, and young Colley does actually say the title towards the end of the film, and with that I was of to bed.

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