Tuesday, 6 November 2018

I Had A Quiet Day,

chatting and texting with Diana,

in the evening I settled down for some golden oldies, firstly the,

Night of the Demon, as it is known in the UK or Curse of the Demon in America, I have watched the film so many times and still thoroughly enjoy it, black and white of course, which almost makes it all the more frightening

next up was The Day the Earth Caught Fire, a chilling reminder of a world getting short of water, rather like today I suppose

then another classic, The Dam Busters, a great sterling British war movie, not only portraying the brave efforts and deaths of the people in the raid, Guy Gibson, earned the Victoria Cross, for all his diversionary flights to draw off the flak from the other aircraft, but it stands out for two other reasons, the use of the name Nigger for the Black Labrador, but back in Britain in those days, it would not have been regarded as so nasty and derogatory, it was actually a fairly common name for Black Labs at the time, but nowadays it appears it cannot be used, the second reason for its fame is the Carling Black Label advertisement, you will have to have seen the movie to appreciate the humour,

to round the evening off, ventriloquist are not normally my favourite act, but Jeff Dunham changes all of that, so a Spark of Insanity it was then, what a great show, Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist being my favourite characters, and with that I was off to bed.

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