Saturday, 3 November 2018

In The Day,

Diana popped into town,

 I went to the bank and that was about it, but in the evening we were out, I jumped off of the baht bus at the beginning of the market and watched it speed into the distance,

 the market is in Thepprasit Road and is there every weekend in the evenings,

 the food and drinks stalls at the start of the market doing a good trade,

 one of the ice cream sellers making her rounds,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 no clouds to be seen,

the same looking inland,

 the toy stall nearly set up,

 'who's a pretty boy then?' 

 opposite the bar this evening,

 a stall selling handbags and one selling shoes,

 still no cover on the escalators,

 but some more supports have been placed on the car park upstairs,

 one of the tour groups stopping at the fruit stall,

 at the wicker stall,

 another kimono up for sale, 

 reaching the bottom of the market the pet aisle had a few customers,

 I walked to the far end,

 sunset over the market,

 the down ramp all set and ready to go,

 I made my way back to the bar,

 meeting up with Brian, 

 after saying our goodbyes we were off on the baht bus,

 to the end of Thepprasit Road,

 where getting off of the baht bus we made our way past the entrance to our cononium,

 and the one next door,

 making our way past the Chinese restaurant,

 we came to the Pig and Whistle,

 where for starters we shared some spring rolls, 

 then our main courses arrived, 

 liver and bacon for Diana,

steak and onion pie for myself, delicious!

'Cheers!', we took a slow walk home where it was feet up, a nightcap or three and then we were off to bed.

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