Thursday, 8 November 2018

White, Fluffy, Harmless,

well they are most of the time,

 but these clouds are not,

 they are angry with a dark power,

 these stunning photographs were taken by photographer Camille Seaman, who travels the world capturing fleeting moments of power in diverse landscapes,

 Seaman began storm-chasing after her daughter, eight years old at the time, suggested it might be of interest while the two were watching the Storm Chasers TV show

 Her newest book,The Big Cloud, focuses on supercell storms around the U.S. It includes a forward by New Yorker science writer Alan Burdick, and includes behind-the-scenes shots and written reflections from Seaman about the experience of being a storm chaser,

 "Sometimes as we pulled into a local fuel station, we would be met with superstitious folks who were not glad to see us; some of those people had lost their homes or loved ones in storms," Seaman writes in the preface,

 "It was important to remember that these people lived here year after year, never knowing if this would be the day when a tornado might come through their town"

  "It taught me great empathy and compassion. It was important that our chasing storms not become some sort of disaster tourism… I always wanted my images to speak to the duality of all things—to speak to the essential truth that there can be beauty in something terrible and vice versa, that there is no creation without destruction."

in addition to authoring three books, Seaman is also a TED Senior Fellow, and has published works in National Geographic, The New York Times, and Outside Magazine. You can find The Big Cloud, published by Princeton Architectural Press, on Amazon, you can follow the photographer’s travels on Instagram and Twitter, and no I am not on commision for the book, I just think what stunning photographs they truly are.

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