Thursday, 8 November 2018

If You Have Been Convicted Of A Crime By Just DNA,

this could be good news for you,

Aigali Supugaliev, a 63-year-old man from Kazakhstan was a recluse, so when he got a job away from home for 4 months off he went, without telling his family or friends, two months later a body was found near his home, too badly decomposed to intidenfy, a DNA test was done, the probability that it was Aigali was 99.29% probability (the highest this kind of test can give), so it was a given that the discovered body was that of Supugaliev, so an official death certificate was issued, and the man’s brother organized a funeral, then a bombshell, Aigali walked into the family home as large as life! “When Aigali came home alive and healthy, my daughter Saule, seeing her ‘dead’ uncle, almost collapsed with a heart attack,” Esengali, the man’s brother, told local reporters, “The DNA analysis had confirmed this was my brother.  We believed the results and conducted all the funeral and memorial rites. I spent so much money on it. But it is not even about the money. Who have we buried? Maybe his relatives are looking for this person.” Akmaral Zhubatyrova, who performed the DNA test, defended herself saying that one cannot rely on the 99.29% probability to confirm a person’s death, “It is impossible to state unequivocally that this is the body of a person, relying only on the results of the DNA examination,” Zhubatyrova told the media. “We should not forget about the remaining 0.08 per cent.” It is unclear how hard it’s going to be for Aigali Supugaliev to legally return among the living – paperwork and all – but in the meantime he was happy to pose with the plaque that his relatives were getting ready to place on his gravestone, so there you have it, convicted on the evidence of DNA? remember the 0.08%, throw the case out!

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