Tuesday, 6 November 2018

There Is Something About,

the 'bobber' style of motorcycle,

 I just love, and this one is no exception,

 although in this form not practical for the road, some manufactures like Triumph decided to market a bobber model, and it is officially Triumph’s fastest selling motorcycle to date, 

 so it appears it is not only myself that like the bobber look,

 but back to this track beauty, it is the work of Idaho’s Jon MacDowell, owner of Idaho Falls’ Bonneville Customs, “I have been building custom motorcycles for 8 years. I started out building bikes with my Father-in-law and some friends in a small shop, which grew into what Bonneville Customs is today.” 

 lean and mean,

 the motorcycle and gearbox was sourced as a basket case from e-bay, 

 "there were a lot of parts missing that I had to pick up from all over the world to complete it. The wheels are from Black Bike Wheels and the rest of the bike I basically designed and fabricated in the shop."

"the motorcycle is essentially a custom bobber that I made into a race-style bike with rear sets and some dropped handlebars. The engine and tranny are from a 1941 Indian 741 Scout." He calls the bike ‘The Flying Squirrel’,  I wonder if it was a reference to the Scott Flying Squirrel? a motorcycle like the Vincent that was way ahead of it's time, I remember back in the 1960s a friend of mine had a Flying Squirrel made in 1935, the Squirrel was a water cooled 2 stroke twin, I asked what was the advantage of it being water cooled, Rob replied, "it freezes, boils and leaks!', back to this beauty, you can follow Jon on Facebook and Instagram, photography by Izzy Nicole.

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