Thursday, 8 November 2018

News From The Philippines,

it was Dioshane's birthday,

the big 20,

  so it was party time!

  and here she is, 

 one more pose,

and a picture with Mum, Happy Birthday!

 for myself I was out, walking past the News Steaks and Grill,

 and this is where I was going,

 to Bruno's,

I took a window seat,

 looking across the restaurant,

 a very nice table decoration,

 and some complimentary nibbles, 

  and this is who I was meeting, David of East Coast Real Estate, a dash of pepper on the soup,

 and then the main course,

 chicken for David,

 steak for myself, 

 a quick 'Cheers!',

 as the desserts arrived, 

 which was followed by biscuits and coffee, many thanks to David for a lovely lunch,

 on the walk to Bruno's the traffic was exceptional bad, and this is why,

 red and white pedestrian crossings were being painted on the road,

 in the evening I was out walking again,

  past the newly completed crossings,

 where I meet Mr.Tony, for his choice of starters Gambas Ajillo prawns,

 and for myself a lobster bisque soup,

 on to the main course,

 a chateaubriand for two,


 on to desserts,

 with plenty of topping, we chatted the night away, then having said our farewells,

 I started the walk home, past Diana's favorite cake shop,

and back to the condominium, 

where it was feet up for Galaxy Quest, a great spoof on Star Trek, and with the end of that I was off to bed.

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