Saturday, 3 November 2018

With Over 600 Parts,

this kinetic sculpture,

 when it moves, looks as graceful as the real thing, 

 a swimming sea turtle,

 Carapace was built and designed by Derek Hugger

it mimics the motion of a sea turtle gliding through the ocean, the wooden work is composed of over six hundred parts which allow the creature to elegantly tilt its fins, move its body up and down, and even crane its head as if rising above the water for air, 

“A non-trivial amount of time was spent watching and studying videos of turtles swimming,” explains Hugger, “Getting the motions of Carapace to closely resemble the motions of real turtles was a true challenge. Countless hours were spent refining the sculpture’s motion to be as lifelike as possible, even before any mechanisms were developed to drive those motions.” Hugger has also developed a hummingbird in addition to several abstract wood sculptures, You can see these works in action on his website and Youtube.

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