Monday, 4 January 2021

Over The Years,

I have heard of many people keeping insects as pets,

tarantula spiders or ant farms being the most common and a few stick insects in there, as well as cockroaches, but the is the first time I have heard of people keeping leaches as pets, and letting them feed on you, look at the size of these, image credit: Ariane Khomjani/ Instagram/ ScienceAlert, they are buffalo leeches, (Hirudinaria manillensis) from Asia, Science Alert documents the story of Ariane Khomjani, a leech keeper. This is what he has to say,

"They're amazing, curious creatures that grow like crazy and make wonderful pets,"...

He explained how individual leeches have their own unique personalities, with some being more adventurous and others more shy.

"Some like to try and sneak a feed more often than others, haha! But once they're full, they're content to sit and rest for a bit out of water if handled gently," he said of the species he keeps, buffalo leeches, and if you feel the need to let one of the blood suckers lose on you, they are for sale, along with many of their smaller cousins here, thanks, but no thanks!


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