Monday, 4 January 2021

You May Remember,

a couple of past posts,

one when I was kite flying in Bournemouth

well now we can happily combine the two, Louis Vuitton has now produced a custom kite, photographs Louis Vuitton, 

 it comes packaged in a tubular vessel fashioned from monogrammed canvas with a zip closure and leather shoulder strap. The kite itself has an appropriately aerodynamic design cut from technical nylon that’s lightweight yet strong, the ideal combination for the piece to glide with ease, founded in 1854, the brand has spent well over a century making everything from chessboards to bar accessories. More recently, the company has expanded on its canon of luxurious one-offs with its Objet Nomades collection that has a roster of top design talent imagine unique pieces which are then assembled by the Vuitton workshops, all I have to do now is queue up again and buy the kite, mine for just $10,000, I hope it flies better than the ones I had at Bournemouth!

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