Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tuesday So Off To The Market In Soi Bukaow,

but on the way in I spotted this small bike, there seems to be more and more of these things out here, it was only a few years ago you were finned for driving one of these with smaller than standard wheels, but I guess now the law has been changed or ignored as there are so many of them, then into the market itself, it is now about 11 in the morning but things are still pretty quite,
one of the stalls selling cooked fish on the way in,
waiting for us at the coffee shop was Mass and Mick, the girls were happy, a shopping fest was on the cards,
after a few coffees, dresses, shoes and tops we made our way back, I had been trying to get in touch with Steve over the past few weeks with no success, I found I had managed to delete one of the numbers so I called round to see him in his shop and house in Teppresit road,
in case you do not know Steve is a technical diver and supplies all of the schools in the area with expertise and repair faculties for all of their equipment, plus he trains people to service equipment,
he has a full and comprehensive workshop,
to engage in any sort of repair,
now here is a choice, you can have a new 2 bedroom house or this bit of kit, this is one of 5 compressors Steve owns, as an aside he can pump the same number of SCUBA tanks as any TWO other dive operations put together in Thailand,
Steve beside one of the consumer units,
now this is an interesting bit of kit, the only one of it's kind in all of Thailand, it is important to know how deep you are, the downside is the depth gauges we rely on can go slightly askew over the years, so they have to be recalibrated, so put them in this pressure vessel,
close the lid and recalibrate them, this unit is accurate to 1 foot in 300! if you want to see more of Steve's diving go here, or for his technical dive shop here,
after a long chat and lots of coffees it was back home to get ready to go out, no surprise here it was to Cherry's what a excellent value for money restaurant, Diana, Mick and Mass at the salad bar,
Mick and myself had the baked salmon, Mass the tenderloin,
Diana had the pork with apple and prune sauce,
some pepper to taste and it was tuck in time!
we were then joined by Steve and Laura,
who was a little shy,
but soon made friends with Uncle Mick,
then as a surprise Doc. Jeff arrived,
he had arranged to meet Matt and Eric so they joined us at the table,
then desert banana split for me and a tiramisu for Diana, rather surprisingly Diana finished her pork she ordered the baked salmon she tried mine and still felt hungry! all of this plus coffee for 295 baht!
Eric, Matt and Doc. Jeff tuck in,
"Cheers!" from all of us,
in the afternoon I was still not feeling 100% so I put my feet up and watched once again I, Robot in my view a good all action movie, also John from Jomtien called in for a few cups of tea,
when we returned from the restaurant we put on Kings and Queens of England, the Tudors, a documentary, it was so interesting but after 30 minuets or so I came over all tired so off bed we went.

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