Friday, 2 November 2018

Off To Immigration,

but I had to take a picture, 

 of this beauty as we left the condominium,

 we soon arrived in Soi 5,

 the hotel next to it resplendent with flags of all nations along the side of it,

 we were in and out in no time,which was more than could be said at the local 7 - 11, it took an age to be served, so I took a quick picture of the hotel opposite and a baht bus,

 we sat on the balcony in the evening, 

 and opened a bottle of bubbly, 


 we had some good news from the UK,

 so a little celebration, 

 one for Diana,

 and one for myself, 'Cheers!', actually Diana does not drink, so it was two for myself,

 we watched the sun go down, 

 it was now about 8.00 in the evening, we were both amazed at how empty the other condominiums were, counting the lights on in rooms the occupancy of these two blocks had just a dozen or so with occupants,

and in our old condominium just two apartments were occupied, and some of the floors had the hallway lights turned off altogether, we listened to music until the midnight hour, and then for us we were off to bed.

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