Monday, 3 December 2018

One Thing We Did Notice,

whilst walking around the park yesterday,

 was that there were very few park benches to sit on,

 but not so in this park,

 well there are plenty of places to sit,

 all at different heights,

 but looking at it there is in fact only one park bench,

 Root Bench is a multi-height bench system installed in Hangang Park in Seoul, South Korea,

  the design is a winning proposal by Yong Ju Lee, which creates a circular protrusion of roots that provides space for rest and relaxation,

the nearly 100-foot diameter installation is formed from conjoined slats of wood attached to a metal frame, and sprawls from a centralized point in the park, three different heights accommodate children’s seating, adult chairs, and tables for picnicking, what a neat way to seat people out in the open.

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