Saturday, 3 October 2020

As I Started On The Blog,

I looked out of the window,

and saw that fox the fox was curled up asleep, 

as soon as I opened the window he was awake, and soon eating peanuts,

one of the crows also called by, for a few nuts I left on the window sill, note to self, clean the bird poo off of the window!

it looked like it had been raining all night, and was still drizzling, 

as I joined the queue of shoppers at Waitrose,

a wet walk back home,

Diana was by now at work, but in doing the packing for next weeks holiday she came across these 2 refrigerator magnets, which we had forgotten about, the top one from our trip to Poole, and the second from our trip to the Russel Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, both of which were so enjoyable,

during the day I decided to play with my watches,

so out with the box,

and time to start unwrapping, it was just like Christmas!

it was so nice looking at so many of my old favorites, also I took out the elastic in my waterproof trousers, it was so tight it made wearing them uncomfortable, I replaced the elastic with a draw string,

in the evening I dispensed with the pre meal sherry, as Steve was calling round later and I would be drinking beer,

for my evening meal a repeat of Wednesdays, a scallop shell with prawns, smoked and baked salmon, and a sauce, with fingers of toasted and buttered seeded bread,


for my main course chicken madras, tikka masala and korma with Bombay potatoes, pilau rice and a naan bread, 

another one from me, Steve called by and we chatted the night away until nearly 10.00 when Diana called,

a wet and windy walk to the park entrance where we meet Diana, having said goodbye to Steve we made our way home, where it was feet up for a couple from Black Books, we had seen the series before, the characters we already now know are even funnier watching it again, Black Books is a Bafta-winning sitcom about the antics of foul tempered and wildly eccentric bookshop owner Bernard Black, his long-haired and long-suffering assistant, Manny, and his best (in fact only) friend, Fran, we rounded off the evening with one from New Tricks and then for us we were off to bed.

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