Tuesday, 13 October 2020

In The Early Hours Of Our Fifth Day,

I was repeatedly woken up,

which is unusual, but the gale was blowing so fiercely, the noise of the wind kept waking me, this did not bode well for tomorrow, when we are supposed to be in a boat sea fishing,

so when we left the hotel, it was cold weather gear on,

luckily we had bought a lot of warm clothes,

it was desolate, as only a seaside front can be in winter,

with just one person walking on the sands,

pity there were not any surfers out this early to take advantage of the waves,

we walked past the pier,

to the hut,

the drizzle made the scene,

look really grey and miserable,

everywhere we looked,

I snapped away, then back inside, where it was time for a read,

Diana tried my reading glasses, but they were of little use to her as she does not need glasses,

we had settled down for the day,

a read,

and a cup of tea,

then a late breakfast/early lunch, hard boiled eggs with buttered seeded bread,

Diana went for a walk, and came back with an ice cream for us each,

next an afternoon of cribbage, we played a number of games, I will not say who won every one, but I lost,

towards evening,

we made a move up the hill,

looking back at the surfers,

some actually staying up for a few seconds, back to the hotel for a freshen up and then back out,

at the end of the road, a red sky, hopefully the wind will die down for tomorrows fishing trip,

we had booked a table at Miller & Carter,

and it was just as well we did, towards the end of our meal every table was taken,

we settled in,

a mocktail for Diana, a red for myself,


with each main course there was a bowl of salad,

we also ordered a tiger prawn to go with our main course,

chips for Diana, a baked potato for myself,

and here was our main course, 

a 32 ounce tomahawk steak,


time to tuck in,

for both of us!

delicious, I just wish I had all of my teeth to really gnaw it down to the bone, hopefully another few trips to the dentist and all should be well,

another 'Cheers!',

for our desserts, 

Diana chose a crispy Eton mess,

for myself a traditional crème brulee, what a feast! arriving back at the hotel which was just a short walk away, it was feet up for a few nightcaps and a Midsomer Murder, one from Poirot and we were off to bed.

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