Tuesday, 13 October 2020

The Difference In The Weather,

was almost unbelievable,

from grey windy skies, to this, hardly a breath of wind and almost clear blue skies, we were waiting for a taxi to take us into Poole,

arriving at the quayside,

it was time for breakfast/lunch,

Diana started with a chocolate cake,

and latte coffee,

then our sandwiches arrived,

Diana was tempted by the cake display, but she decided against another,

we were a bit early for the boat,

so a walk was in order,

this is where we hired the boat and captain from, Sea Fishing Poole, run by Keith & Elizabeth Humphreys,
until I read this memorial,

I had no idea that an operation like this took place from here,

although there are many pleasure craft here, it still is a working fishing port,

we stopped,

for a couple of photographs,

and took a rest,

a quick selfie,

as we made our way back,

this looks interesting for our next trip,

and here she was, the Lady Margaret,

whilst the boat was tying up a quick photograph,

and we were onboard,

Diana wrapped up from the cold,

remembering days in my youth spent fishing in the English channel, I bought a full waterproof jacket and leggings, just the top on so far,

we were soon underway, John the captain said fishing here is seasonal, and for this trip our species of choice will be plaice

we passed the pleasure boats,

Diana was happy, no big waves, the difference in the weather was so remarkable, blowing a gale yesterday to almost calm today,

a quick selfie, and we were soon drift fishing, that is the boat dos not anchor, but drifts with the prevailing tide,

first into the water was Diana,

John then tackled myself up with a rod,

my bait had hardly hit the bottom when there was a scream from Diana, she had a fish on!

and it was a keeper, first to Diana,

then I caught a tiddler, so back he went,

the weather did start to deteriorate, Diana stayed in the cover of the cabin and wheel house, for myself in the rain and spray it was trousers on,

as we finished each drift John powered up the boat and drifted again or motored to a different spot,

then the weather started to clear,

which was all Diana needed to catch another keeper,

motoring again to try a new spot,

a fresh bank of cloud was making its way towards us, John remarked that yesterday he thought he was going to have to call the trip off, a storm force 6 had been predicted, we were lucky it did not happen,

I sat at the rear of the boat,

Diana near the cabin,

a very happy camper!

we drifted off of Brownsea Island, before heading nearer to the harbour for our last drift, the score? Diana 2, both keepers, John 2, both to small to keep, myself 1, that was also returned, I was never going to live this down, then I stuck lucky! I caught another tiddler, so the score 2 each, 

here are, Diana's 2 fish, John very kindly filleted them for us, many thanks for doing that John if you are reading this,

as we headed in some boats were being loaded with all manner of goods, including trucks like this one,

many thanks to John and the Lady Margaret for such a wonderful afternoon, the time really did just fly past,

we caught a taxi back to The Hop Inn,

as I am driving back tomorrow tea for myself,

we just had one course each, lasagne for Diana,

for myself,

scampi and chips, then back to the hotel to do some packing, ready for the trip back to Beckenham tomorrow, in the room we watched some television, then for us we were off to bed.

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