Sunday, 4 October 2020

We Are Going On Holiday!

as we are leaving early in the morning,

this will be the only post for today and for the next 8 days or so, we are off to a beach hut we hired in hopefully sunny Bournemouth, back to Saturday morning,

one of the crows paid us an early visit, this is the rather immaculate one,

unlike his mate, the one that always looks a bit tatty,

and has a curled deformed claw, 

during the day I loaded up the car, as we were going to leave early I did not want to keep going up and downstairs and wake the neighbors on a Sunday morning, this was just a part what we were taking, there was also a table and 2 chairs, a water container, windbreak, a small beach tent, heater and gas bottle, plus a few other odds and ends and our suitcase,
in the evening as I prepared my evening meal, one of the foxes that was asleep in the garden was woken up by another one,

they were really pleased to see one another, wagging their tails as a dog would,

I thought they would walk nearer to the house for some nuts, but they turned around and disappeared into the leylandii,

in the evening it was a 'Cheers!', with a cup of tea, as we are starting early I did not want to have any alcohol in my system from the night before,

for some reason the video that Diana made when we went to the Landmark Hotel did not work, so here it is again, if you have a good Internet connection you can go to settings and watch it in HD, I should have mentioned that for my evening meal I had a few frankfurters in seeded bread, then feet up for a evening of Midsomer Murders, which one of the channels were playing back to back, just before 11.00 Diana called,

so a wet walk through the park,

 to the bus stop, but at least it will be for the last time for over a week! then home for a coffee and a chat, before we were off to bed.

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