Friday, 2 October 2020

Normally Street Artist Use A Different Subject For Every Building,

but not this artist,

called ‘Last Tango,’ the artwork is Blek le Rat’s largest mural, which he completed at the age of 69. The Houston Chronicle has more details:

“I don’t want to make horrible, aggressive images,” Blek says. “I prefer to give people some happiness.” He purchased the tango image from a British photographer and has adapted it recently in smaller murals in France, Germany and Italy, “This image is about something positive,” Blek says.

The partners liked Blek’s design because it reflects the ethos of the Residences at La Colombe d’Or project. “This is a place where people can come together and enjoy life. That appealed to us more than abstract possibilities or landscapes,” says Dan Zimmerman, who redeveloped his family’s property with his older brother, Steve Zimmerman, . “This is on a major street where everybody can enjoy it…. It’s a surprise, a gift for a lot of people,” he says, image via the Houston Chronicle, I wonder where the next image of the 'Last Tango' will appear?

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