Thursday, 1 October 2020

There Are A Couple Of Terms I Am Not Familiar With,

TikTok and Instagram influencers,

apparently they show how they live, but many of course are fakers, like the liars that show off their luxurious lifestyle by renting a Los Angeles studio designed to look like the inside of a private jet, a few years back, a Moscow-based company went viral for renting private jets by the hour to influencers wanting to impress their followers, only the game has come a long way since those days, it turns out that there are now full-blown studios designed to look like private jets, complete with the appropriate lighting, and several notable influencers have been using them to deceive their fans, the above photograph from Peerspace, on September 25, a list of social media influencers, including The 7 Angels, who have 274,000 followers on TikTok, and Kennedy Cymone, who has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, allegedly used the fake jet studio, the rumors started circulating on Twitter, after doing a bit of digging, users found that the place was located in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, and was available for rent for groups of up to nine people, for $64 an hour, so all of those fabulous homes, beaches and cars, could they all be Photoshoped? speaking of lifestyles did I ever put a photograph of my garage on the blog?

a few months ago I got rid of the Merc,

and bought the Lear,

but flying was not for me, so here is the boat, the above three photographs from Style Your Garage, who also make posters for walls and doors, OK I give in,

here is a photograph of all three of my garages!

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