Friday, 16 October 2020

Below Are A Few Colour Pencil Drawings,

that look so realistic it is almost untrue,

they are the work of Shaun Mckenzie, who goes by the name of NeeYellow on social media, is an insanely-talented artist who specializes in hyper-realistic colour pencil drawings that look like photographs, 

the young Australian artist spends anywhere from 60 to 80 hours creating his photorealistic masterpieces,

that is just the average time required to complete a drawing; he has finished some in as “few” as 15 hours, but he has also spent over 280 hours on one of his drawings!

and here is the good news,

Shaun has been posting time lapse videos and tutorials on his YouTube channel for about four years now, which I think is great, giving aspiring artist a helping hand, I just wish I had some artistic talent to start with!

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