Monday, 12 October 2020

Day Three,

started out nice and bright,

we had walked down from the hotel,

and had to strike the pose,

it looked a tad cloudy out to sea,

the surfers making good use of the waves,

past the zipline,

and Harry Ramsdens where last night we bought our fish and chip supper,

in the distance a chap was going through all sorts of weird and strange moves on the beach,

this plaque above one of the beach huts caught my eye,

the legend,

arriving at our hut a sausage and bacon sandwich with hot tea,

was the order of the day,

but first,

some water,

our piece and quiet was shattered by this digger, but all he was doing was pilling up sand so he could cross the wooden groynes with out damaging them,

a hot cup of Rosie Lee,

a panorama of the huts,

out at sea the rain was pouring down,

a quick pose,

and another panorama,

it seemed to be brightening up,

so we decided to walk to Boscombe pier,

stopping on the way, Diana with,

and without sunglasses,

grey clouds were rapidly disappearing,

a look at some of the different coloured beach huts,

looking back at the Bournemouth pier,

Diana tried some Tai Chi, at least that is what I think it was,

note to self,

when looking back, look also at where the water is, I nearly had wet socks, much to Diana's amusement,

more beach huts,

all nicely coloured,

the funicular railway,

now unfortunately closed,

due to this land slip, all of this red/brown earth was all that was left as the side of the hill fell,

the number of beach huts almost seems never ending,

and new ones appearing as well,

then a bit of fun, 

Diana tried to do a work out, the machine won!

more huts,

as we continued towards Boscombe pier,

a work in progress perhaps?

there is the pier,

only a mile or so to go now,

we passed the café,

our goal in sight,

nearly there,

the roundabout in front of it,

there did not seem to be any stalls on the pier, but it had a mini crazy golf course running some way along it,

so a quick pose,

blue skies were certainly here now,

just behind me,

there were a number of rocks on the beach,

that just had to be climbed,

and sat on,

these things just have to be done,

one more, 

or two!

the walk made us a little thirsty,

so a stop at a Harvester,

surprisingly Diana ordered a Pimm's,

I stuck with a bottle of bubbly,

Diana was enjoying her Pimm's,

which surprised me,

back to the bubbly,

it was putting up a fight,

but I won in the end, 

then the rain arrived, 

so it was a move inside for us,

by now,

Diana got to the alcohol,

which she did not like,

at all,

apparently Diana was under the impression that Pimm's was alcohol free!

as if by magic,

the clouds and rain cleared,

and we had finished the drinks,

so time to start the walk back,

blue skies,

and goodbye to the Harvester,

in the far, far distance the pier and our hut,

past the roundabout,

looking back to Boscombe,

and towards Bournemouth,

the road still wet from the last shower,

we were soon back by the bench near to our hut,

and were greeted with a rainbow,

the waves had not stopped, and neither had the surfers,

it was staring to get dark,

and we were starting to get hungry,

the lights on the pier now on,

very near our hotel was The Hop Inn,

so we thought we would give that a try,

a cheese dish for Diana,

some onion rings to share,

a steak and ale pie for myself,


meal over we made our way back to the hotel, passing the Indian Ocean restaurant we had a meal at the last time we visited Bournemouth, next for us feet up, a nightcap and a few Murder Mysteries before we were off to bed.

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