Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Our Fourth Day,

at sunny Bournemouth,

we walked down to the beach from our hotel,

today we were going for a walk on the pier,

the area at the beginning of the pier complex was almost deserted,

just a few people out and about,

the same on the beach as we made our way to the hut,

there were however, lots of surfers,

a quick stop,

for a pose,

before we reached the hut,

it was out with the camera,

for a few poses,

the day was glorious,

warm and no wind,

with nearly blue skies,

what could be better?

by now we were both hungry,

so back to the hut,

I took in the rays,

then inside for some liquid refreshment,

before breakfast,

bacon sandwiches, delicious!

we made our way back to the pier, and passed a surfer that seems to have acquired the skill to stay upright,

just a few wisps of cloud,

we were nearly there, a dive boat anchored next to the pier,

before our walk on the pier, we will be walking a few miles towards Sandbanks,

we were both so tempted with the rock and fudge on sale,

we soon left the pier behind us,

and soon neared the second funicular railway,

which was closed I guess for the winter,

along this side of the beach by the pier,

there were many more beach huts,

a few having meet a sad end,

and here is the story,

luckily many were spared,

about half way to where we want to be,

I was about to say a stranger on the shore,

but it was Diana,

2 miles walked, time for some refreshments,

we had a table outside,


and this is where we were, another Harvesters,

back to the pier,

a quick pose,

and we were soon past the funicular railway,

some one had been busy! looking from the other side the castles spelled somebody's name,

on the pier and looking towards where our hut is,

that one there!

a few more photographs,

for the album,

a panorama of the beach,

well I lust had to!

I am not sure what the divers were doing, maybe some sort of pier maintenance?

in the centre of the pier there is this bar/restaurant,

we will be calling in later!

a few anglers were dropping the fish a line, no replies so far! as it happens we have chartered a boat for Friday afternoon, to go sea fishing, Diana has never been on a fishing boat before, so she is looking forward to an afternoon on the waves, allegedly,

the fun fair now closed until spring,

£1 to win on number 27, OK the one in the lead!

we made our way back to the bar, Diana with,

and without a mask,

and sunglasses,

a mocktail for Diana, San Miguel and lime for myself,

Diana was hungry,

so a Mexican dish for her,

for myself I was still thirsty, so a large Kraken for myself,

a relax by the rail,

beside the pier a now disused landing stage,

a look at some of the beach attractions,

and what seaside town would be complete without an amusement arcade?

one of the panels of closed stalls nicely painted by a local artist,

if you ever come to Bournemouth, this is the place you really must visit, the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, we enjoyed it so much on our last visit,

as we arrived at our hut, the seagulls decided they needed a drink,

it had been so hot in the day that a few brave souls were seated on the sands,

but clouds had started to roll in,

 we made our way back as it was getting dark, the rain started,

but it was not a worry, we had our waterproofs on, and seeing that the Indian Ocean was just a few minuets walk from our hotel,

we decided on a meal there,

amazingly the waiter remembered us from our last visit,

we chose a selection of dishes,

'Cheers!', the bill came to £53.00, next stop for us, our hotel, feet up for a nightcap, a few murder mysteries, one from New Tricks and we were off to bed.

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