Monday, 12 October 2020

Our Second Day At Bournemouth,

and it looked nice and sunny,

we stayed at one of the two Travelodge's in town,

we made our way to the beachfront,

where there are a number of restaurants, 

the Bournemouth Eye,

and the tourist office where we picked up our hut key from,

also in the main area what looks like the mast off of a sailing ship,

along the promenade,

until we reached our hut,

a little overcast, but much better than yesterday with so far no rain,

so lite up the gas ring,

and it was time for an English breakfast,

with a cup of tea,

all set,

for a good 'ole fry up,

Diana strikes the pose,

dessert for myself,

and a well earned relax for Diana,

which was what we spent most of the day doing,

watching the few people that were around, 

the sun was breaking through the clouds,

this looked interesting, a metal detectorist, now there's an idea for our next trip here,

almost blue skies,

in the far distance 2 of the cruise ships that park up here,

the pier, we will visit it later in the week,

for today a afternoon walk in the park,

the gardens are really nice as Diana strikes the pose,

the River Bourne runs through the gardens,

with two nice ornamental bridges over it,

as it winds its way to the sea,

the bridges making a nice spot,

for a photograph,

as did the gardens,

which had a favourite of ours in it,

a giant rhubarb plant, (Gunnera manicata), 

that was growing by this stream,

I then noticed these two plants,

both with massive seed pods,

growing from them, I have to confess I do not know what they are called,

and speaking of seed pods here is one from the giant rhubarb,

we were interested to read a little about Bournemouth,

and it is indeed a "good place to winter in"

we continued our walk,

as the art display was being taken away,

we walked into town,

and into The Arcade,

where there was this really neat Citroen van converted into a coffee stall,

one of the shops Diana likes,

and another shop selling Buddha images, I would not have thought that the town could support two such shops, but apparently it does,

we just had to have a ice cream,


back to the hut,

a few more clouds had come rolling in,

by now we were hungry,

for tonight we decided on a take away,

which we bought just a few hundred yards away,

a fish and chip supper,

which was huge, both ends of the fish had been tucked under, if not it would not have fitted in the box!


we had brought pretty much everything for a comfy stay with us,

as it started to become dark we made a move back to the hotel where we settled down for a evening of Midsomer Murder and New Tricks, after which we were off to bed.

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