Thursday, 15 October 2020

If You Like Trying To Work Your Way,

out of a maze,

this is the post for you, lets go back to 2013 when we featured Papa's, (as he is now known), first maze,

7 years in the making, 

he followed that with number two, allegedly easier than the first, 

and here is the good news for maze fans, the photographs in this post are from maze number three!

using only his hand and a ballpoint pen, the artist began the daunting daily task of transferring the image from his brain, onto canvas,

this maze was supposed to take much longer but the global pandemic-induced lockdown allowed Papa to work uninterrupted, speeding up its completion,

just in case you think it is an impossible maze it can be solved, in fact the maze has 5 solutions for traveling from the arrow on the left to one of the 5 circles on the right, amazing!

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