Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Diana Was Off Early To Work,

I decided to try to catch up with the posts,

but first things first, peanuts for the fox, only one of them today, Mr. Tony called from Thailand, we chatted away, he remarked how quiet things were out there with no tourist, I mentioned for myself what a great time to be there, no pesky tourist getting in the way of the temple or what ever else I wanted to take a photograph of! a little later Len called by, two of the residents are being troubled by squirrels in the loft, so as I have access to the loft we put some squirrel deterrent down, although to be fair no matter how hard we looked we could not see any signs of them, I spent the rest of the day updating the blog and watching television when my two typing fingers got tired, 

Diana finished work at 9.00 in the evening, arriving at the bus stop just before 10.00, so a quick walk to pick her up and we were home,

 for the start of The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear, which was so full of laughs, by now it was late, so for us we were then off to bed.

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