Monday, 12 October 2020

We Are Back!

and what a lovely holiday we had,

so I am going to start catching up on the posts,

we left early in the morning,

and had a brief stop for coffee on the way to Bournemouth,

and here we were, in a wet and windy car park,

we had some time to kill before we could check into the hotel, but we could park the car in the hotels car park,

so a walk around the park, until the key office opened,

then down to the beach, and a look at the pier,

and the now unused end of the zipline,

and here was our hut on the beach, we have hired it for 6 months, although you are not allowed to sleep overnight in it, the hut comes complete with 3 deckchairs, a gas ring and a broom, and no electric,

we drove the car down to the promenade and unloaded a few bits and pieces,

then went for a more exploratory walk in the park,

a panorama,

which was followed by a rendition of Singing In The Rain by Diana,

evidence of the storm that hit here a few days ago,

and here it is, the river that gives the town its name, the River Bourne, it is a small river here in Dorset, it flows into the English Channel at Bournemouth, taking its name simply from Middle English bourn or burn, a small stream, and it was still raining!

this a part of a art exhibition,

looking to the left one of the many hotels and bars in the area,

another part of the art exhibition,

lots of light bulbs on the ground,

we continued walking past the flower beds,

which were nicely maintained,

and found a small grotto,

complete with a fountain,

by now we were hungry,

so lunch in The Moon In The Square it was then,

eyes down for the menu,

'Cheers!', with a mug of tea?

no not really,

a proper 'Cheers!'

for our lunch,

 Diana choose an Indian,

a streak for myself,

then back to the beach hut,

well I had to have a pose or two!

we had bought a few nibbles for the hotel room, so locking up we were on our way back to the hotel,

our view from the beach hut,

and looking towards the pier,

which we walked towards,

the latest storm had made more than a few waves for the surfboarders to take advantage of,

we made our way uphill,

following these footsteps,

that lead to a pedestrian crossing,

we passed The Hop Inn, I am sure we will be visiting there, it is just a few hundred yards from the hotel,

our bedroom nice and handy to keep an eye on the car,

our room which is in one of the Travelodge in the town,

well that's me sorted for the evening!

a quick selfie, then feet up to watch some television, hopefully the rain will have passed by tomorrow, and with that thought we were off to bed.

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